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Your Best Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design

Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design


Starting arranging your own flowers can be difficult, and you have to look at the basics before you start. To start off, we’re going to learn the basics of Floral design and the wiring methods that are involved in it.


Before you begin, you will need the items listed below to complete the Floral designs:


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Items Needed for Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design


Before you begin learning how to do the different floral design methods like the wrap around extension method floral design, below is a list of tools that you will need to conduct the proper wiring:

  1. Flower scissors
  2. Floral Wiring
  3. Rags
  4. Cutters
  5. Floral Tape
  6. Protective Bracelets
  7. Head Pins

Essentials for Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design


Before you begin, you’ll need to know a few essentials to correctly do the wrap around extension method floral design.


The Floral Tape


The most important piece, the floral tape. Without this, your flower arrangements cannot work or hold together beautifully. The tape covers the wiring that you create, and provides lots of additional support that is needed, along with moisture protection.


The Wires


Another huge essential for your wrap around extension method floral design is your wiring. To do any sort of Floral design, you’ll need proper wiring.


There are many different thicknesses available for wiring, so make sure you choose wiring that is appropriate for your structure, wires that are too thin will not hold large designs, and wires that are too thick may burden the structure.


Maintaining the correct thickness level is also key, keep it all in uniform, don’t mix thicknesses if you can help it. If the support fails the design, then the structure fails, so it’s very important to get the correct thickness for your template.


The Flower Prep


Before you begin with the techniques, you need to pay close attention to the flowers.


You should begin by laying down a tea towel, so you can absorb any surface water and any water from the stems. Then you should cut your stems to the appropriate size, remove thorns, and any other undesirable parts that you don’t want to keep.


Now that your work area is set, you can create and replicate your cuts until you have enough pieces to create your arrangement.


The Wiring Methods


There are several different wiring methods that you can utilize, the wrap around extension method floral design is my favourite for filler flowers and small scale designs.


Wrap Around Extension Method Floral Design Wiring Method


A few examples of this would be flower arrangements including statice, and even baby’s breath. You should begin your process by wrapping the stems with your wiring a few times, and then to complete it you bend the wire along the stems.


How to Brace, A Floral Design Method


Now we are up to the next method of floral design which is bracing. This is completely different to the wrap around extension method floral design as it is a different way to lay the floral tape.


This brace is another way to place the floral tape where the tape is set below the blossom, this creates a stronger structure to support larger displays.


This bracing method is essential for larger displays to support the structure, to keep the arrangement up for longer.


More Tips


Flower Concepts


A lot of people ask what the first step is when you get your first floral design job on, and it is the concept. You must design how your arrangement will sit, and adapt your idea to each and every event like weddings, music concerts or informal events.


Flower Combinations


The next step is to choose the different flowers that you will have in your arrangement. It’s best practice to choose at least 3 flowers.


Choose one large and 2 smaller flowers, the color of the centre pieces should be much brighter than those flowers around them so it stands out. When you set the arrangement for the wrap around extension method floral design, make sure you choose something solid, bold and that stands out.


The types of flower that you choose are also very important, many different sizes will allow your display to be left with little if any gaps.


Flower Colors


Choosing your color is also very important, you should set the color of your display to match the event. If your event is a day time and evening time event, make sure you choose something that will stand out bright in the day, and will illuminate well in the evening too.


When you choose to do the wrap around extension method floral design, you should choose stand out colors too.


Keep Them Fresh


Make sure you keep your flowers fresh with water or plant feed (depending on how long the event is) to make sure they’re nice and bright throughout the day. Also make sure you set the direction of your flowers to look symmetrical, and stand out from the crowd.




To conclude, I hope you learned plenty about the wrap around extension method floral design, and found my tips useful when starting out on your journey into floral design.


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