Florida man september 9th

Florida Man September 9th – Florida Man Fired for Drinking on Brewery Shift

Florida man September 9th 2016 – Florida man fired for drinking whilst mixing alcohol at brewery


On Florida man September 9th, a Florida man was arrested for drinking heavily whilst he was mixing alcohol at the local Sam Adams brewery in Florida. The Florida man was seen vomiting into the beer mix and shouting ‘have a taste of that uncle Sam’.


The Florida man was detained and incarcerated for the evening, whilst brewery owners tried to drain the vat of spew filled beer to sanitize it and start again. It is thought that the beer within the large tank was worth over $62,000 at the time of writing, and had to be written off due to the vomit inside. Although beer is allowed a certain amount of bacteria and fly content, it is not allowed any vomit inside.


The Florida man was fired from his job and forced to work 147 hours of community service, 2 hours per day cleaning after hours local bars to learn and appreciate the mess drunken people leave behind.


Florida man September 9th 2018- Florida Man blows up tomato factory


On Florida man September 9th, a Florida man blew up a tomato factory after accidentally upping the tomato mixer pressure and sending an explosion of tomatoes through the factory, killing 4 people and injuring dozens more.


The Florida man, now named as Daryl Hedge, quickly learned the hard way that you cannot cut corners at your place of work when he admitted to not squeezing the tomato skin off fully before throwing thousands of them in the crusher machine.


When the machine was full and had beaten the tomatoes, the skins had made their way to the bottom and covered the pressure monitor, meaning the Florida man did not get notified that pressure was too high before the explosion. The incident has been treated as an act of God and the Florida man walked free from the incident.

Florida man September 9th 2022 – Florida Man leaves family to join Ukraine war


On Florida man September 9th, a Florida man left his family and friends behind as he went to join the Ukraine Russia war. The Florida man felt passionately about how evil Putin was, and rushed to Ukraine’s defence as it was clear that Russia, the Kremlin and Putin were lying about defending Russians within Ukraine.


The Florida man served on the front lines of Ukraine before being hit by a stray bullet and was sent home wounded, after 3 days in Ukraine. The Florida man came home and told his friends and family that it is the worst war he’s ever seen, and told us how evil Russia is for what they are doing, all in the name of a bit more land.


When we caught up with the Florida man, he told us “it’s time for the world to get involved, this is a humanitarian crisis and we are just ignoring it”.


Our Florida man September 9th thoughts


Props to the Florida man for going all the way to Ukraine to defend the people, Russia is truly an evil entity in this world for all of the lives they are taking. The other two Florida men were just plain unlucky, you can’t get drunk on shift or blow up a factory unfortunately, poor Florida man. If you want to see the influence the main Florida man has here, check out this article – https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/news/florida-brewery-sells-beer-named-after-the-notorious-florida-man/77-579724533


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