Florida man September 26th

Florida Man September 26th – Florida Man Arrested for Robbing Dogs Home

Florida man September 26th 2008 – Florida man arrested for stealing 67 dogs from a dogs home


On Florida man September 26th, a Florida man was arrested for entering a dogs home late in the evening, and filling his van up with dogs before driving off quickly. The Florida man, known by his pseudonym ‘dog lover 55’ decided to take all of the homeless dogs into his care at the same time after learning that none were currently being adopted.


The Florida man, dog lover 55, was arrested the following morning for not filling out the correct legal paperwork for the dogs, and attempting to keep all of the dogs in a 1 bedroom trailer near Lake City, FL.


The Florida man was sentenced to a suspended 8 months in jail, noting that he was the sole carer of 5 animals who needed specific care. On September 26th 2009, the Florida man’s 2 eldest dogs passed away, and he was called to serve his sentence.


Florida man September 26th 2014- Florida Man hailed a hero for saving 93 year old pensioner


On Florida man September 26th, a Florida man saved a 93 year old pensioner who took a tumble when she was walking her dog, and fell into a nearby alligator filled river. The Florida man, known as Dustin Harris, dived in on the morning of September 26th and pulled the pensioner to safety, before resuming his journey to work.


When he was approached later that evening by a news crew, he seemed dazed by the attention, and told us that he just did the right thing and didn’t need recognition for it. The Florida man on September 26th was awarded the hero of the city award, and over $10,000 in gift vouchers from gifts from the pensioners family.


Florida man September 26th 2022 – Florida Man survives helicopter crash in Vegas


On Florida man September 26th, a Florida man survived a helicopter crash in Las Vegas, after the helicopter ran out of fuel mid-flight. The pilot evacuated the aircraft leaving the Florida man alone in the passenger seat of the helicopter, forcing the Florida man to plan his bail-out above the busy streets of Las Vegas. As the helicopter began to spin out above Paradise Road, the Florida man opened the doors of the helicopter and jumped whilst it was in a spinning free fall, flying through a window of the SAHARA hotel and into the safety of a hotel room.


The helicopter landed nearby, crushing the Enterprise-Rent-A-Car building, thankfully not harming anybody as the store was undergoing renovations and the builders were out on lunch. The helicopter company is currently being investigated for the happenings on September 26th, as pre-flight checks should have brought up the lack of fuel for the flight.


Our Florida man September 26th thoughts


Well, Florida man September 26th was truly a turbulent date for the Florida man. One stole 67 puppies, one saved a pensioner and one saved himself from certain doom, all in all I’d say September 26th was a pretty good date in the history of Florida man.


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