Florida man october 2nd

Florida Man October 2nd – Free Florida Man Tattoos Child and Pregnant Mother

Florida Man October 2nd was a dark day for one mother and child, what did the Florida man do? Read the full story here:


Florida Man October 2nd – Florida man tattoos sleeping pregnant mother and child


Police were called when a man was observed tattooing a passed out pregnant mother and her child during the morning of Florida man October 2nd, 2022. The main in question, named “Quentin Ricollo” was seen with a mobile tattoo studio offering his services for cheap shortly before the incident. The Florida man saw the sleeping mother and child, who were waiting for the bus to town before falling asleep, and he made his move.

A witness described the situation as ‘awful, the man has permanently scarred a pregnant mother of 6 and her youngest child, she said “god would not want this for his subjects, tattoos are a sin”. The Florida man, Quentin, was known to police in other states for committing similar crimes.


The Florida man October 2nd arrest


The officers quickly arrived at the scene where the Florida man was caught tattooing the child as she slept. The man was part way through signing his name on the child’s arm when police arrived, startling the mother and child awake and sending them into shock for what the Florida man had done to them. The Florida man, Quentin, quickly got down to the ground and accepted his arrest, and told the police officers that he was doing the lords good work. Thankfully the Florida man will be watched carefully from now, and the Florida man shouldn’t do anything like this again.


The Florida man October 2nd sentence


On Florida man October 2nd Judges quickly sentenced the rogue tattooist to 11 years in jail, with no bail set. We caught up with his mother at the other side of the building where she told us “he’s always been into drawing, people should be happy and blessed that they were chosen as the lords canvas”.


Our thoughts


What on earth was going through the Florida man’s mind at the time?! How on earth do you go ahead and tattoo a pregnant mother and her child whilst they sleep. Saying that, it is Florida, anything can happen here. If you want to see some other cool Florida man content, check it out here