Florida man october 25

Florida Man October 25 – Florida Man Handed Keys to the City

Florida man October 25 is the account of a Florida man being handed the keys to the city for saving multiple people from an armed robbery.


Florida Man October 25 – Florida man handed keys to the city for saving group from armed robbery


A Florida man October 25 has been hailed a hero and given the keys to the city for his dedication to his community, after being held hostage amongst others by 3 armed men in a corner store on October 25. The Florida man rushed one of the assailants and used him as a body shield whilst disarming and arming himself to take control of the situation. His actions allowed the store owner to call the police and he saved the lives of everyone in the shop.


The Florida man October 25, now named as Dejohn Johnson, was routinely picking up milk for his cats on the way home from work when the incident happened. We caught up with Dejohn later as he told us “it was what my father would have done, you don’t let evil people be evil to other people, you have to protect them”.


The arrest of the perpetrators


The 3 armed men were arrested and detained on Florida man October 25, whilst the Florida man was being hailed for his bravery. The Florida man held the 3 men at gunpoint on October 25 until the police showed up, and as the police approached the building he sent the store owner out to explain the situation.


The perpetrators sentences


The 3 men named John Beirne, Chris Whitty and Hunter Jordan were sentenced in line with maximum time for trying to conduct an armed robbery in Lake Helen, Florida. John received 21 years, Chris received 21 years and Hunter received 14 years due to being under 18 when the crime was committed, and was charged as a minor. The judge was heard saying “you boys are all getting off lightly, as it was your first offence”.


A hero’s welcome


The Florida man October 25 was hailed by the mayor of the city as a prime example of a real American, with proper ideals and strengths. As he handed the key over, the Florida man was seen in tears, stating that he was so happy that he could represent and be the man his dad always wanted him to be.


An onlooker was heard during the Florida man’s return saying “wow, he is truly a hero and what a turnaround he made, his kids didn’t speak to him before and now they can’t get enough of him”. Rumor has it that the Florida man’s ex wife has attempted to re-ignite the past flame, but he knows that it is just for a minute in the spotlight as that’s all she is interested in.


Our Florida man October 25 thoughts


What a moving story from the Florida man, he is truly a hero for all to look up to. If only there were more stories around like this Florida man, we look forward to reporting on more events like the events of Florida man October 25. If you want to see some other cool Florida man content, check it out here


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