Florida man october 22

Florida Man October 22 – Florida Man Attacks Mother with New Chainsaw

Florida man October 22 is a disastrous event in the name of the Florida man. On the 22nd October what did the Florida man do? Read the full story here:


Florida man October 22 – Florida man attacks mother with chainsaw after family event


Officers were fast on the scene when a crisis call came in from a distressed man at a party in Palatka, Florida. The incident happened on the evening of October 22nd 2021 when the Florida man lashed out at a family member during a drunken exchange at a young childs christening when revealing that the child was in fact not his as a DNA test paper was received the same morning.

Officers said that the man, named Hunter Schooler was arrested on October 22nd after exiting the party, and taking a chainsaw out of the back of a nearby truck before re-entering the party and lunging at his wife first, and then mother with the chainsaw.


The Florida man October 22 arrest


Police arrived within minutes of the call as the Florida man was still chasing his mother around with the chainsaw. Visitors were visibly distressed as the man seemed to relentlessly chase his mother screaming that he felt betrayed by her love, for siding with his partner.


The Florida man October 22 sentence


The Florida man October 22nd was sentenced to 18 months in county court prison, along with 2 years of mandatory therapy to help him get over the event. An attendee spoke to us and said “I don’t think the sentence was justified, I doubt he would have harmed her if he even caught her, he wouldn’t hurt a fly”.


Our thoughts


What have you done this time, Florida man? It’s every man’s dream to own and use a chainsaw, but not like this. Hopefully next time the Florida man sees the outside of the jail bars, he will be a changed man. If you want to see more Florida man content, check it out here