Florida man October 21st

Florida Man October 21st – Florida Man Caught Selling to Children

Florida man October 21st 2017 – Florida man caught selling substances to high school children


On October 21st, a Florida man was caught selling several substances to high school children, including many of which are fatal to take for a human. Some of the substances include Ricin, Batrachotoxin and Maitotoxin


The Florida man October 21st was arrested shortly after the sale, as one student began having a fit after taking one of the substances in a school bathroom, thankfully the student survived the ordeal but has lost motor function in several areas of his body. 


The Florida man October 21st was sentenced to 21 years behind bars for his crime and for the bodily harm that came to him for selling illegal poisons to young children who were unaware of what the man was trying to do. 


Florida man October 21st 2018 – Florida Man wins WC rally championships


On October 21st, a Florida man won the WC rally championship before plummeting to his death after pulling up for photos by the edge of the WC mountain, where the mountain edge then collapsed. The mountain had recently been subject to a large scale removal of rocks to shape it better for the rally, which is thought to had led to the instability. 


The Florida man October 21st was one of the first American winners of the WC rally championships, before unfortunately parking on an unstable edge of ground in a 1.3 tonne, 4 liter rally car. 


Tributes have poured in for the Florida man, who is now known as Dustin Wylde, with one fan saying “he always lived life on the edge, and this time it really cost him, RIP Dustin”.  When we caught up with Dustin’s PR manager, he told us “he was one of a kind, this was his first rally car championship and he aced it, he would have easily become the record holder in the next few years”. 


Florida man October 21st 2021 – Florida Man saves dog from river


On October 21st, a Florida man saved a dog from a river that was rapidly freezing over. The Florida man October 21st saw the dog jump onto the thin layer of ice to cross when it had seen a ball on the other side, before the ice broke and the dog was left fighting for its life. 


The Florida man October 21st jumped into the river, clawing at the ice to break a path through to the dog, before heroically rescuing the dog and carrying it to safety. The Florida man narrowly escaped after his leg became trapped by an underwater vine, and after a short while he managed to cut himself free, and escape the ice cold water. 


When we caught up with the Florida man, he told us that he did what any other respectable American would do, he saved the life of the dog, and he told us god will reward him in the next life for it. Reports say the Florida man has since received a $15,000 reward from the dogs owners, and gained weekly visiting rights to see the dog as a thanks.


Florida Man October 21st thoughts


A terrible dealer, a rally champion and the savior of the river dog, Florida man October 21st is definitely a date of profound heroism and evil for the Florida man. 


There are some Florida man dates out there where you see horrendous stories, and some where Florida man stories are truly beautiful, and full of heroism.


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