Florida man may 30th

Florida Man May 30th – Florida Man Injects Caterpillar with Semen

Florida Man May 30th is another scary event in the life of the Florida man. On the 30th May, what did the Florida man do? Read the in depth story below:


Florida man May 30th 2011 – Florida man injects caterpillar with semen in an attempt to make a hybrid being


On Florida man May 30th, a man was caught injecting his own semen through a microneedle into a caterpillar in an attempt to make a hybrid being that was half man, half butterfly in a bid to create an army that would rule the world.


The Florida man had planned to create an army of super human butterflies that could not be contested in intelligence, speed or beauty, and would attack the world simultaneously and usurp him as the world’s ruler.


The Florida man in question, named Jimmy Sims, was arrested after reports came in that the caterpillars were successfully impregnated, and they were taken to labs for testing and are being held in area 51 for further inspection.


Florida man May 30th 2018- Florida man kills 32 pelicans


On Florida man May 30th a Florida man was arrested at his home in Gainesville, Florida when he was seen shooting flying pelicans out of the sky from his roof window, on the evening of May 30th. The pelicans were flying in packs of over 30 when he was firing at them, and after firing 30 bullets he was seen reloading his rifle, before firing around 30 more times into the sky at the pelicans.


Officers arrested the Florida man at his residence, and upon entering court days later the Florida man pleaded guilty for the murder of 32 pelicans, of which were all protected and came from the local conservation area.


Florida man 30th May 2022 – Florida man opens illegal dentist


On Florida man May 30th a blood-boiled Florida man opened his own dentist on the 30th May 2022 when he was charged $10,000 to straighten one tooth, and decided that dentists earn too much money for people to really afford care that they should be entitled to.


The Florida man opened his own dentist and charged $100 for tooth pulling, $200 for tooth straightening and $1000 for veneers which is much cheaper than any other retail outlet out there. The Florida man was arrested when discovered, and was sentenced to 1 year in the state penitentiary for assaulting officers with sedatives in a bid to escape.


When the Florida man was being sentenced, we overheard the judge saying “the man is a menace, you cannot simply open up a cheap dentist because that will destabilize the economy”. An onlooker was also heard speaking openly, and said “he should be ashamed of himself, he could have put multiple dentists out of business permanently”.


Our Florida man May 30th thoughts


Good intentions and bad intentions, these Florida man stories had them all. One man who wants to rule them all, one man who wants to save people from overpaying and one man who just had a problem with pelicans. One thing is for certain, May 30th isn’t the most popular date for Florida men around the country.


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