Florida man march 27th

Florida Man March 27th – Florida Man Evicts Pope

Florida man March 27th 2017 – Florida man evicts pope after missed rental payments


On Florida man March 27th, a Florida man evicted the Pope when he had a flurry of missed rental payments on his apartment in Miami, Florida. The Pope, who cited broken income as the reason for missing the payments, told the Florida man landlord that he could no longer afford to continue with his contract after the Church cut his holiday funding.


The Florida man briefly spoke to us, telling us that the Pope had been a regular at the apartment on Miami beach for years and stayed at least 2 Sundays per month on holiday from his godly duties. It is thought that the Pope used the Florida man’s apartment as an escape from duties, where he would often bring others back to his apartment for after parties.


Florida man March 27th 2018 – Florida man given medal of honor


On Florida man March 27th, a Florida man was awarded the medal of honor for saving his platoon’s lives during an avalanche in the Swiss alps during a high altitude, low temperature training exercise. During the exercise one private accidentally pulled the pin on a grenade, which then exploded causing the avalanche 200 meters from the peak.


All of the privates immediately began their rapid descent down the mountain range, but unfortunately the avalanche soon caught up and overcame the 14 man band. Shortly after the fall and the avalanche covering each of the military officers, the Florida man dug his way out and began digging all of his comrades out of the tumbled avalanche.


Shortly after freeing all 14 of his colleagues, the Florida man carried one of the other privates down on his own, who was unconscious and bleeding, 2 hours later they were safe at camp, and the man was receiving medical attention. The Florida man was given the medal of honor for bravery and sacrifice, as he put his body on the line for his fellow soldiers.

Florida man March 27th 2021 – Florida man shoots 27 in Walmart


On Florida man March 27th, a Florida man who was working at Walmart in Florida shot 24 of his colleagues and 3 innocent bystanders shortly after the store opened, on March 27th.


The Florida man had been subject to racial hatred and clear institutionalized racism when he finally snapped, he was showing a friend a photo of his daughter at her graduation and another colleague leaned over to insult his daughter because of skin color.


The Florida man went to the gun stand, picked out a Glock and unloaded 2 extended clips of 27 bullets each into all of the white staff in the building, and a young family were caught in the crossfire.


The Florida man March 27th ended the violent gun rampage by shooting himself in the head, his family have been notified and it is thought that a memorial to all deceased will be held the following weekend.


Our thoughts


Wow, that is crazy! The Florida man March 27th in Walmart certainly had enough, but violence is never the answer, you have to rise above your bullies and laugh at them. Poor Pope too, losing his naughty party home, hopefully he learns his lesson! It turns out it’s not the first time the pope has been a naughty boy… https://closeronline.co.uk/family/news/parents-smack-naughty-children-says-pope


Never did we think that we would ever be writing an article based on the pope being evicted from tenancy, but that’s the world in 2022 it seems!


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