Florida man March 22nd

Florida Man March 22nd – Florida Man Found After Mine Shaft Collapse

Florida man March 22nd 2012 – Florida man found after mine shaft collapses


On March 22nd, a Florida man was finally found after being submerged for 27 days following a mine shaft collapse in Haiti. The Florida man, who was serving a sentence for public harassment, was forced to work within the mine until his sentence was up. 


The Florida man March 22nd was seen being airlifted from the site, and was escorted to hospital by armed police officers as he was still under curfew and sentence. When we caught up with the Florida man March 22nd, he told us “aw man, this really should have been my get out of jail card, I nearly died for these people man, all I did was go for a wee in public”. 


When the American embassy contacted Haiti’s embassy, Haiti refused to release the man without proper punishment, and offered the Florida man 2 options, one was to have his manhood removed either by force or chemical, and the other was to return to working in the mines to make up for his crime. 

Reports say the Florida man has been returned to the mines, albeit in a different location, to finish serving the remaining 27 months of his sentence. 


Florida man March 22nd 2016 – Florida man arrested for leading football bribery gang


On March 22nd, a Florida man was arrested on suspicion of leading a football bribery gang in London, Great Britain. The Florida man March 22nd, known as Andrew Tate, was seen rolling around London in his Rolls Royce before being arrested after a lengthy investigation into his money situation. 


The Florida man March 22nd was seen resisting arrest in public, and was forced down onto his face and beaten until he stopped resisting. When we caught up with the police, they told us “this is a dangerous man, he’s had footballers break each others legs so that they have to retire, just because they refused to work with him”. 


The investigation that took place had been an ongoing 14 month investigation after several footballers had been seen to receive specific Rolex watches as a type of payout, and after one footballer came clean it was a quick operation to find and imprison Andrew. 


Florida man March 22nd 2022 – Florida man steals grab truck and destroys parents house


On March 22nd, a Florida man stole a large grab truck and destroyed his parents house after they decided to write him out of their will. 


The Florida man March 22nd was seen entering a compound to rent the truck, and shortly after leaving the site a call came in to the police station saying a house had been destroyed and that a man was trying to use a grab truck to attack his parents. 


When we caught up with the parents, they told us “it’s because we left it all to his sister and not him, and you can see why, he’s not all right up there in the head”. 


Our thoughts


Wow, that’s one crazy set of Florida man March 22nd stories. A collapsed mine shaft, a betting ring and an angry son who was willing to destroy his sister’s inheritance, crazy. 


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