Florida man June 8th

Florida Man June 8th – Florida Man Shoots Tesla Boss

Florida man June 8th 2018 – Florida man shoots Tesla shareholder


On Florida man June 8th, a Florida man shot a Tesla shareholder as he exited his vehicle in Austin, TX after the shareholder denied him a position within Tesla. Reports say the Florida man had applied for a position to design futuristic vehicle engines but had no credentials to support his application. Upon being found out, the Florida man traveled to Tesla head office and shot the shareholder as he exited his vehicle and approached his place of work.


The Florida man was sentenced to 21 years in state prison for attempted manslaughter under Texas law, and was told to pay $145,000 in reparations to the Tesla shareholder who was unable to pay his medical bills due to the lack of healthcare scheme at Tesla.

Florida man June 8th 2019 – Florida Man earns $1m from busking in Miami


On Florida man June 8th, a Florida man earned over $1 million dollars when he busked for 36 hours straight in Miami, Florida. The Florida man, who had been homeless for 20 years had picked up a guitar from a cage that had fallen off a passing truck, and set up a small busking stand just by the beach on June 8th before playing the Macarena over 100 times in a row, and dancing for the crowds.


The Florida man totalled up the cash within the sleeping bag tip jar that he had laid out, and counted over 1 million dollars. He immediately took the money to the local betting shop, and placed a $1 million bet on the USA to win the world cup in Qatar, in 2022. Rumor has it that the Florida man is still homeless, and busking daily to feed his betting addiction.


Florida man June 8th 2020 – Florida Man replaces heart with pump


On Florida man June 8th, a Florida man replaced his own heart with a hand pump when he voluntarily stopped his own heart for science and replaced his heart with a tube system. The Florida man was searching for new ways to increase his sporting performance, and believed being able to pump oxygen filled blood manually around the body would aid his performance without affecting his heart.


The Florida man unfortunately encountered some difficulties with continually pumping through the night, with his wife having to pump whilst he slept, it is said that his wife is currently looking for a divorce and bringing in a carer to pump his blood through the night as the sleepless nights are taking a toll on her health. The Florida man has surgery booked for June 8th 2021 to re-insert his heart, and function normally as he did before his fateful decision on June 8th 2020.


Our Florida man June 8th thoughts


Well June 8th was definitely a date to forget in the history of the Florida man. One Tesla shooter, one betting addicted homeless millionaire and one scientist trying to push the boundaries the human body gives. One thing is for certain, Florida man June 8th is certainly a date to remember.


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