Florida man June 28

Florida Man June 28 – Florida Man Shoots at Restaurant Diners

Florida Man June 28 – is an account of a Florida man shooting at restaurant diners on the evening of June 28. Read below for the full story:


Florida Man June 28 – Florida man shoots from car into a busy restaurant


A Florida man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder on Florida man June 28. The man in question, now named Kurt Brindle, pulled up by the restaurant Sundown Smokehouse in New Smyrna Beach before opening fire on the restaurant goers.

A witness described it as ‘the scariest experience of my life’, whilst another said ‘I thought this only happened at our high schools, I’m in shock’. Police have sent trauma units to those who were near the bullets. Luckily for all of the diners in the restaurant, the AR15 of which the Florida man was firing with had jammed, and only 5 bullets left the chamber of which no one was harmed bar shattering windows.


The Florida man June 28 arrest


Police were called immediately and a chase ensued, with police following at a distance due to the nature of the weapon available to the Florida man. Police quickly shot the Florida man’s tyres and he skidded into a post, knocking himself unconscious inside the vehicle leaving an easy extraction for the officers. One witness claimed to have dated Kurt years ago, and that he had become obsessive over her in recent times, messages proved that Kurt had threatened to harm her if she stopped responding which she had done.


When Kurt’s files were later assessed, it was found that he had edited thousands of pictures of the two of them together, and this was proven to be one of the worst cases of stalking that we had seen in recent years. Footage from the restaurant showed that the Florida man had circled the exterior of the restaurant over 70 times before the shooting, showing that the Florida man knew that she would be there that evening indicating that he had access to her messages or appointments.


The Florida man June 28 sentence


For the Florida man June 28 event Kurt was sentenced to 25 years in state prison for the attempted murder and attempted grevious harm of the restaurant goers that evening. We contacted the judges for comment and received the response “this man is dangerous and will always be dangerous, which is why we have sentenced him in line with the maximum sentence we can give by law”.


When we caught up with the judge for Florida man June 28, he told us “this is one of the worst crimes I’ve seen here in Florida, we see a lot of rough stuff but this is really terrible”. An onlooker was heard shortly after the trial saying “he should be in a psych ward, he’s totally mentally challenged and deranged and should be looked after with care to manage his condition”.


Our Florida man June 28 thoughts


Another day, another Florida man getting into trouble. There are many upsides to Florida and that of Miami beach, but I for one would be very cautious bringing up a family in that state. If you want to check out some more cool Florida man content, check it out here


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