Florida man July 11th

Florida Man July 11th – Florida Man Arrested for Robbing Bank With Dildo

Florida man July 11th 2020 – Florida man arrested for attempting to rob a bank armed with dildos


On July 11th, a Florida man was arrested for attempting to rob a bank using dildos as weapons, in Tampa Bay, FL. The Florida man entered the bank, before taking a hostage by pressing a rampant rabbit against their neck and threatening to drill it through the top of their spine unless the bank parted with $250,000 cash within 2 minutes.


The bank teller began totalling the cash up ready to give it to the Florida man, when the hostage turned the situation round and headbutted the Florida man to the ground. The Florida man, dazed, was then robbed of all of the dildos and left for police officers to collect, as they arrived outside just a moment after.


The dildos used in the attempted robbery were sold on ebay, with one fetching over $17,000 which was the famed rampant rabbit that was used as the main weapon. The Florida man on July 11th was sentenced to 27 years behind bars for attempting to rob the bank, and for attempted manslaughter with a deadly weapon.


Florida man July 11th 2014 – Florida Man taints farm with 7 tonnes of horse poo


On Florida man July 11th, a Florida man tainted a rivals farm with 7 tonnes of horse poo when his rival reduced his lettuce price below the Florida man’s to take all of his business away.


The Florida man had collected the horse poo from a local stablehouse over the period of 3 weeks and during the late evening of July 11th, poured it all over the lettuce’s that were ready to be picked the next day. Authorities were called the morning after July 11th when the crime was found, and the Florida man was arrested shortly after when the stable man called the police to admit that he had assisted the Florida man with his crime.


Authorities say that the Florida man was fined $17,000, and must serve 120 hours of community service to become at one with his community again.


Florida man July 11th 2018 – Florida Man attempts world’s longest flight


On Florida man July 11th, a Florida man attempted the world’s longest flight with 4 eagles tied to his back, and a stick hanging out front with a live mouse on it. He had attempted to fly from Florida to Changchun in Mongolia with the 4 eagles tied to his back, passing through Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Kazakhstan, which would be the longest direct flight anyone has ever done in one run.


The Florida man unfortunately failed in his quest for the longest flight in the world, as he had fallen asleep when over the north pacific ocean, and dropped the stick holding the mouse which led the eagles to nosedive directly into the ocean. If it wasn’t for the Florida man live streaming the attempt, his body would have never been found.


Our Florida man July 11th thoughts


Wow, I think there was definitely something wrong with the water in Florida on July 11th, that is one crazy set of Florida man stories for certain. I guess if there’s anything to take from these stories, it is that you shouldn’t travel to Florida man July 11th, or risk going absolutely insane.


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