Florida man January 12th

Florida Man January 12th – Free Florida Man Cures Diabetes

Florida Man January 12th is a very random event for a Florida man. On the 12th day of January 2021, what did he do? Read the full story below:


Florida man January 12th – Florida man cures diabetes and is imprisoned for using illegal imported test tubes


On Florida man January 12th 2021 a Florida man was arrested at his home after customs officers discovered that he was importing test tubes filled with diabetic blood from across the planet. The man was running a lab from his home in Interlachen, Florida whilst on lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic.

When on the scene, we caught up with the Florida man who was named as Dr. Mohammed Asseed, and he emotionally told us “I am trying to cure the world whilst it is in a state of chaos, the diabetics are the most susceptible to dying from Coronavirus, so I must do all I can to help”.

Mohammed had unofficially found a permanent cure for Diabetes, with his research tuned to teaching your body to adapt it’s insulin production when triggered by sugar, but due to breaking import laws the Florida man’s assets were seized and unfortunately, burned.


The Florida man January 12th arrest


The Florida man January 12th was arrested at his residence during the final stage of his testing and production, officers were seen dragging the Florida man out of his residence and ripping everything out into the police vans before covering the house so the cameras could not see in. The Florida man was visibly distraught when being removed from the property.


The Florida man January 12th sentence


The Florida man January 12th was sentenced to life in prison for 271 counts of illegally importing blood specimen samples, and although the judge sympathized with Dr. Asseed for his long service to healthcare and multiple awards, he did not hesitate to Jail the doctor for breaking the laws of the country he emigrated into.


Our Florida man January 12th thoughts


It seems that trying to do the right thing in Florida means you get a long term prison sentence, and if you harm others you get off lightly. Please remind me to never move to Florida! If you want to see some more Florida man content, check it out here