Florida man August 30th

Florida Man August 30th – Florida Man Shoots at UFO

Florida man August 30th 2014 – Florida man shoots at UFO in the sky as it abducts 4 cows


On August 30th, a Florida man shot at a UFO in the sky as it flew away with 4 of his prized orange milk cows. The Florida man August 30th told us that the UFO was spotted on his Amazon Blink camera before he got an alert to his phone to say that motion was detected. 


The Florida man August 30th then ran to his barn with his shotgun, but was too late and saw the UFO taking back off with all of his best cows. The Florida man began shooting at the UFO, before it was then out of range. 


When we caught up with the Florida man, he told us “they were green and gangly, horrid lookin’ things, and they stole my damn cows again!”. Reports say the government has paid the Florida man to stay quiet, with a 7 figure sum being agreed formally. 


Florida man August 30th 2018 – Florida Man jailed for placing cameras in mall tampons


On August 30th, a Florida man was jailed for placing mini wifi cameras in boxes of tampons in a mall in Tampa Bay, FL. The Florida man August 30th was said to have been seen hanging around the main tampon store in the mall, before reaching into several packets of tampons and placing items in there. 


After a short investigation, the Florida man August 30th was arrested, as it was found that he had placed micro cameras in the tips of several different tampons, some of which were aimed at younger girls. 


During the trial, the Florida man August 30th attempted to justify his actions by saying that he is a gynecologist, and just wanted to look after the health of women all around, but unfortunately the judge was in disagreement with him and sentenced him to a suspended 18 month sentence. 


Florida man August 30th 2022 – Florida Man wins Miss America 2022


On August 30th, a Florida man won Miss America 2022 after being allowed to compete after his gender change operations had completed. The Florida man had to produce multiple certificates and undergo a hormone test to see whether they were allowed to identify as a female for the Miss America 2022 event. 


After winning the esteemed award, the Florida man August 30th was seen backstage tucking their manhood back in their dress moments before receiving the award, which sparked mass controversy as the Florida man was supposed to have completed his full reassignment surgery to be able to compete. 


The Florida man, aged 27, was arrested after the show for falsifying gender change documents, and is awaiting trial for the crime. When we caught up with the judges afterwards, one told us “we trusted this man and his falsified documents, and it undermined the very nature of this competition”. 


Our thoughts


A UFO, a tampon stalker and a male entering Miss America 2022, that is one crazy set of Florida man stories for sure. One thing is for certain, the first Florida man August 30th story was a crazy one and we’ll not likely see stories this crazy for a long time. 


With some of the Florida man stories going around, it’s no surprise that one was caught putting cameras in tampons, we’ve seen some horrendous stories in the past but this one really takes the biscuit. The Florida man who was caught out after winning Miss America, well one can’t blame him for trying, he looked great until the peen slipped!


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