Florida man April 23rd

Florida Man April 23rd – Florida Man Steals Truck Full Of GTA5 Copies

Florida man April 23rd 2013 – Florida man steals truck full of GTA5 copies


On April 23rd, a Florida man stole a truck full of GTA5 copies that were not due to be released until September. The Florida man April 23rd then proceeded to put the GTA5 copies up for sale on Ebay, and in the description it said to ‘switch yo net off or they’ll find u’. 


The government and rockstar games proceeded to purchase all 3500 copies, and utilized the return address to find the Florida man, and arrested him at his residence in Kissimmee, Florida. 


The man was sentenced to 9 months in jail, and will have to serve an additional 12 month sentence with a tag afterwards to monitor his activity. 


Florida man April 23rd 2018 – Florida man sued for impersonating Wayne Rooney


On April 23rd, a Florida man was sued for impersonating Wayne Rooney when he entered a local restaurant and attempted to woo several women, and asked for his bill to be covered by the restaurant. 


The Florida man April 23rd was successful in his attempts to woo several women back to his hotel room, and did in fact manage to get his bill wiped by the restaurant, but when reports came out that Wayne had been seen with several women heading to a hotel an investigation was launched by his wife. 


After a short investigation, it was found that Mr.Rooney was impersonated by a Florida man who looked similar, and legal proceedings were begun to sue the man for impersonating Wayne. 


Florida man April 23rd 2019 – Florida man arrested for riding bull to prom


On April 23rd, a Florida man was arrested for riding a large bull to his high school prom. Upon arrival, the bull began rampaging and took down several students and faculty members, and impaled a disabled student who was wheelchair bound and could not move out of the way. 


The Florida man April 23rd was arrested at the scene after several zoologists were called to calm and tame the bull, and after the event there were 17 wounded, thankfully the impaled disabled student survived the ordeal. 


When we caught up with the Florida man, he told us “it was cool, people will remember it, they’ll remember me for a thousand years”. 


Our thoughts


A thief, an impersonator and a bull-rider made up Florida man April 23rd’s Florida man stories. What a set of stories, the legendary Florida man would be very proud. 


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