Florida man april 16th

Florida Man April 16th – Florida Man Killed School Teacher with Rake

Florida man April 16th 2017 – Florida man killed a school teacher with a used metal rake


On Florida man April 16th, a Florida man killed his old school teacher with a used metal rake after she refused to go on a date with him. The Florida man was heard shouting ‘if she can’t be mine, she can’t be anybody’s!’.


The Florida man was quickly pinned down by the local high schoolers and police soon arrived to detain the Florida man. Reports say he was in a crazed state, covered in blood and quickly finished the job after he had been rejected by his old teacher.


Reports say he attempted to woo his teacher multiple times before graduation, to which she declined advancements. The Florida man is set to serve 27 years for premeditated murder.

Florida man April 16th 2018 – Florida Man shot in hit and run


On Florida man April 16th, a Florida man was shot in a bloody hit and run after he was part of a mistaken identity attack. The Florida man was walking down Sunset Boulevard when 2 men on a motorbike pulled up and opened fire, shooting him a total of 14 times in the arms, chest and legs.


The Florida man, who is now permanently disabled and unable to walk ever again, survived the attack thanks to an off duty nurse plugging his wounds. After catching up with the Florida man, he told us that he’d never spoken badly to anyone in his life, but it was God’s plan all along, so he would meet the nurse of his dreams.


Reports say he married the nurse, after he spent time with her during rehabilitation and fell in love. The attackers were never caught, with some believing they were part of a Mexican cartel gang.

Florida man April 16th 2019 – Florida Man pushes child into gator filled waters


On Florida man April 16th, a Florida man pushed a young child into alligator filled waters after having an argument with the boy’s parents when they told him he looked like a child predator.


The Florida man proceeded to push the boy into the water nearby and shouted ‘now he’s got a predator after him, see you later have fun’.


The boy was quickly rescued and brought to safety, and the Florida man was quickly detained for assaulting the boy into the water, and for attempted murder. The Florida man was sentenced on April 16th to 13 years behind bars, with bail set at $174,000.


Our Florida man April 16th thoughts


Can there not ever be a normal April 16th for the Florida man? One Florida man tried to murder a young child because of an insult, another killed a teacher and the last one was shot in a hit and run, by another Florida man we presume. Fingers crossed Florida changes soon, it sounds like a scary place. If you want to check out more Florida man content, check it out here.